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Who we are?
Stark Leasing Company, Inc. is an independent automobile leasing company with over 20 years experience in the leasing industry.

Our vision is to provide customers with the best vehicle leasing experience. To accomplish this we will:

• Lease all makes and models
• New and used vehicles
• High and low mileage
• Open and closed-end leases
• Require no down payment
• Leave you money to invest
• Lower your monthly payments

As a result, you do not have to worry about shopping for your car at the dealership. Tell us what you want, and we will find the right vehicle and tailor the lease plan to meet your needs.

In addition, we will remove the hassles dealing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As a service to our clients, we will handle all the BMV transactions associated with leasing your vehicle. From transferring existing registrations to getting new plates, we stand ready to make your taking possession of a new vehicle easy!

The advantages of leasing.
Leasing a vehicle means you agree to drive the vehicle for a specified time and mileage and for a certain monthly payment. You only pay for the value portion of the vehicle that you actually use, not for the entire vehicle. You are responsible to license, insure and maintain the vehicle during the lease term just as if you purchase it.

Lower monthly payments.
Since lease payments are based only on that portion of the vehicle’s value you use during the lease period, payments will always be less when compared to a car loan.
Leasing makes economic sense. Over 35% of the new cars and trucks on the road today are leased….and the numbers are increasing. As car prices have sky-rocketed, car loan payments also have sky-rocketed, and leasing is a way to hold down monthly payments.

Small or large business and individuals.
Many of our current business clients have as few as 1-5 vehicles while some of our clients have over 20 vehicles in their fleet. Stark Leasing Company, Inc. is flexible enough to handle each client’s individual needs, large or small.
There are distinct advantages for leasing a vehicle for your business use. Talk to our professionals to help you discuss these advantages with your tax advisors.

Leasing new vehicles ensures your clients that your staff is equipped with dependable transportation. Avoiding missed appointments due to mechanical breakdown of your employee’s privately owned vehicle can mean one less headache and one more
satisfied customer.

How do I know its right for me?
• If you want to drive a newer car every 2-4 years.
• If you like lower monthly payments compared to buying.
• You would rather spend, save or invest your money rather than spend it on a down payment.

I drive to many miles to lease.
This is a big misconception about leasing. We have many clients that drive over 40,000 miles per year. Talk to us to find the correct answers and advantages to high mileage drivers!

But I dont own it.
When you have a car loan, you don’t own your car either…until the loan is completely paid off. Then what do you have? You have a partially used-up car with a value that decreases with every day that passes.

More Car...Less Cash.
Remember, you don’t have to settle for less car than you want. With leasing you probably can drive a newer or better car for the same monthly payment you’d pay for an older or less-equipped car which was financed with a car loan.

We can tailor a lease plan to meet your needs...
Please contact Tom Stark at 317-722-1814 or stop by our office located off State Road 37 on the Indianapolis north side.

Explore the possibilities of leasing your next vehicle with Stark Leasing.